The mission of Teamchaun is to ensure that individuals and families of the Metro Area have access to quality physicians, care, childcare, and housing resources necessary to set forth a path to being successful and productive citizens.


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Our Programs

Teamchaun is in the process of developing a safe center to provide referrals for medical benefits for citizens in poverty neighborhoods who do not havE the ability to know about its existence.
The Organization will provide links to housing assistance and the availability of grants, vouchers, and open listings. Teamchaun seeks to serve 2,000 plus families that have stumbled upon hardship and faced with adversity in need of housing, resources, training, and medical assistance.

About Us

Teamchaum will train lower income citizens in the areas of education, trade, and employable job skills to assist them in gaining their financial independence and success.
Teamchaun will also service disenfranchised citizens and families in the greater Metropolitan areas of St Louis, and its surrounding areas with an emphasis of servicing inner St Louis City.
We want to develop an educational wing, with computer classes, STEAM classes, dance classes and athletic equipment.

Our Founder - Starya Pope

Starya Pope-(Owner and founder of Teamchaun). Starya has poured years of unconditional love, sacrifice, and continuous training into all 11 of her children. Starya takes pride into ensuring her children are afforded the same opportunities and resources that privileged children are given.

In 2017, after experiences the lack of quality care, resources, and support, Starya decided to ensure individuals and families with similar situations and statuses-does not have to be faced with the same adversities and disappointment. Starya does not want her son’s death to be in vain. It has always been a mission of Starya to assist anyone who does not have resources or anyone that does not know what route to take to retrieve or receive these resources that can assist them to become independent. Losing her son, gave Starya the drive to put Starya dreams and aspirations into action. Through fundraising, sleepless nights, and countless research, Starya decided the best way to honor her son was to guarantee other families are given support and means to ease the pain of getting through.

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